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Customs brokerage

International Business, nowadays, most of the transactions in the procedure can be executed by mean of electronic. Thanks to the modernized computer system, specification of the goods can be seen and approved at the finger in front of the monitor. Sales contract, proforma invoice and almost all kinds of documents can be produced and sent by conventional programs duly installed in the computer. Money transfer in settlement of the price of goods, as well as L/C opening / advising can be easily done through the e-banking system. Insurance can be bought and policy can be delivered by the print-out from the computer instead of manually issued or physically delivered by messengers like in the past. Despite the process of booking and route confirmation can be carried by way of electronic but Transportation is the only one activity in the chain that needs to be carried physically.


CWI offers and render all aspects of international transportation to fulfill the customers’ need and chain up the international trading.

How to choose modes of transportation
Generally, selection of modes of transportation base on one of the following two needs of the parties involved in the trade, i.e.
• Cost Oriented, or cost sensitive
• Time Oriented or time sensitive

Cost oriented mode of transportation – exporter or importer may consider about the total costing of their goods as a biggest deal in their trade concern. The commodities allow longer transit time should not be perishable. The long transit time could not perish the outside condition or appearance of the goods, i.e. ready made garment, textile product, spare parts, automobiles, etc. Thus the counter parts may choose from sea freight or surface transport whichever suit their requirement the most.

CWI stands ever-ready to find the solution to your transport needs and make the most cost-effective to suit the customers’ requirement.

Time oriented mode of transportation – could be nothing but air freight. Not to mention about the freight cost which would be higher than sea freight obviously, when comparing same distance of transport, same place of origin and destination. Deadline is another concern of the parties to meet.

CWI realized this importance and equip itself with many options to meet the customers’ need. Call us with full details of your transport inquiry, we will try our utmost to find out the solution for you.

Yet, the combination of cost and time sensitive
Alternatively, in modern transportation, there may be the occasion when cost and time could work together and become more compatible. Mixture of transportation modes will reflect a slightly higher cost than sea freight alone but shorter transit time than barely air freight. This mix-mode could be called “multi-model transport

The multi-modal transportation does not mean only the combination of air and sea transportation, but also means for any mixture of any mode of transportation for sending one shipment to any destination, it could be “sea connecting air” or “air connecting sea” or “sea connecting road” or “rail connecting sea”. However, this will be defined by the transport document if one single set of transport document makes the coverage of all those transportation modes combination, then it is considered to be a multi-modal transportation.

On top of that, mandated by “Multimodal Transport Operator” (MTO) Bill recently launched that not all freight forwarders could put this option in their service trade line, but the company must register themselves to legally be able to offer and serve this kind of transport option. Consequently, different kind of transport document should be issued for such a service. This kind of transport document, for example Bill of Lading (B/L) would be called “Multi-modal Transport B/L” or “Through B/L”.

CWI registered themselves to be juristic body to offer this kind of service and thus we can find the solution for this optional transport need.

To proof our flexibility – call us for the solution, whatever your transport need will be.

Or else, any bigger deal you may have in mind…. Transport of project cargo which pieces of the goods are over-sized or over-weighed from the conventional loading equipments, delivery of the big bulky or heavy machinery to the place situated in the remote location, even cross border to the neighborhood countries, CWI also offers the solution to those exceptional transport need. Check out our Project and Indo-China sections for more details.

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