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Whenever time line is the great deal of sensitivity to cope with transportation, air freight can be the answer to question of time frame. When you talk about ;
Highly perishable cargo such as fresh fruit, vegetable and cut flowers,
Highly valuable cargo such as jewelry, coins, gold and silver bars, precious stones,
Vulnerable cargo such as antique, master piece art, protocol articles, contractual documents,
Highly sentimental stuff such as cremated human remain
Or even some kinds of general cargo that needed to be sent within the designated time frame such as bidding samples, tender documents, highly fashionable goods.
We may mean for air freight to over come the transport concern.

Air freight shipment does not mean only for small shipments, but occasionally, under some particular circumstances, big lot shipment could also be forwarded by air freight, though. Late shipment from the sea-freight-scheduled could be as big as twenty or forty footer box equivalency. Therefore, the freight rate should also be competitive enough to catch up with the real market campaign, plus the availability of the space to accommodate such a big lot air cargo.

Furthermore, there are too many different points of handling / operations and rate structure between sea freight and air freight, top up with different kind of documentation.

Therefore, apart from choices of airlines or air cargo agents we may offer to cope with your air freight transport needs, we, at CROSS+WORLD INTERNATIONAL, also have the expert to reply all the questions you may have about the air freight shipment, both import and export, and get to the pin-point solution.

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