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Occasionally, a great number of shippers do not have enough cargo to book for Full Container Load (FCL) thus, it would be more economical to ship the cargo as Less-than Container Load (LCL) but how can the shipper do when all the Liners do not accept this kind of shipment. As the freight forwarder and major consolidator, Cross+World International has the answer to that dispute.

We operate our own consolidation containers in weekly basis, to all major points in Europe, U.S.A. and intra-Asia.
• Using the world’s leading and conference Liners for our consolidation – this will speak for itself for the reliability and shortest transit time.
• Using the contract rates with all those reputable Liners – will be the reason why we can offer this kind of service at the most competitive freight rates.
• Using our own personnel and on-site staff for stevedore and stuffing purpose, this could allow us a pinpoint and close monitoring of consolidation stowage.
• Using Bangkok port as the port of operation, this clearly makes it most convenient to all the shippers and most cost-saving, though.
• Using the leading freight forwarders as our overseas partners, this will ensure that all shipments in our consolidation containers will be in good hand of the pros.
• Using the network with their professionalism in freight forwarding industry, all other value-added service can also be offered to the consignee for handling of the shipment at the destination.
• Using the network with their full service-oriented mind, this will make the tracing and tracking of shipment easily done at your fingertip.
• Using legal “Multimodal Transport Operator” (MTO) document, this will serve the needs of transporting the goods to vary the modes of conveyance from only one to any other possible ways to arrive the goods at the designated destination.

We are a real deal to proof our consolidation is also a confirmation.

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