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For Someone – it’s land-lock
For Us – it’s land-link

Serving Project shipments to Indo-China region
Located right at the very heart of the territory, Thailand plays the very significant roles in being the hub or depot for on-forwarding and distribution of the goods throughout the region, big or small. Look at the map of this South East Asian territory, you will find Thailand surrounded by countries which may need logistics service due to inadequate fundamental infrastructure.

Coupled with the Thailand’s national agenda, its virtuous vision and concrete policy to innovate the most convenient infrastructure nation-wide as well as linking the transport channels with neighborhood countries, this would also make Thailand the most appropriate point to link the logistics business in this region.

Thailand’ neighborhood country, Laos, is rapidly growing up with the nation’s development by means of infrastructure and huge projects. Corridor roads and gigantic dams are during the constructions and yet, many more to come. By the consequence of this, heavy equipments and construction units are needed to be delivered. By location, people may consider the country is a land-lock, but for us, it is a perfect land-link as we are capable to answer all the logistic needs to do the delivery for all the shippers and consignee in Laos.

Up all the way to Vietnam, the most steady progressive country in the territory, surface transport plays more and more important role in the nation’s advancement. Situated right at the heart of the region, Thailand proof its potential to really make East meets West. Surrounded countries like Myanmar, Cambodia and even Malaysia, their real logistics needs can be served from Thailand. We’ll show you how.

It’s quite obvious that businessman doing international trading would confront the cultural and political impact, somehow, different economic levels of different countries is also a main impact in the international business deal, somehow the impact is so dramatic and sensitive. The countries in this region is not the exception, but even more impact than some other hemisphere. But we are here, to deploy the solution not only to the real logistics needs, but also to solve those impacts that the business may face.

Like you put your trust in Pro’s for their career, do trust the expertise to do this kind of exceptional job. At anyone’s sight, the task seems to be impossible but for us, we have proven its possibility, yet at the most punctuality.

For us, it’s not only the destination, but it’s the ultimate site location that we deliver the shipments to. We will not claim “No Problem” on any job, but whatever problem you may have, we would be able to find out the appropriate solution thereto, yet at its most economical way since we know every milestone to accomplish the jobs.

Collaborated with the most proficient team alliances and business partners, let us proof that your shipments are in the good hands.

Don’t let the last knuckle joint be the problem to complete the business chain, let us chain it up to complete the circuit for you.

Geographically, for someone, this territory would be the land-lock, but systematically, for us, it’s the land-link to make any delivery comes true.

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