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Customs brokerage

For the most dutiable country like Thailand and the different practice in customs procedure of any other countries world-wide, we mind not to let the problem of that portion be our obstacle to keep punctuality in forwarding and delivery of the goods, both export and import.

We are fully aware that “international transportation” is not just sending goods here and there, but also, there should always be one party doing their duty at the front gate of the country. Embarking the shipment, both in and out the country, needs to confront the officers at that front gate, the customs. Therefore, good and capable brokerage is what the exporters and importers really need.

We further go even deep into details of how the customs mission really are;
• Classify the goods under Harmonized Systems (H.S.) under World Trade Organization (WTO) agreement
• Evaluate the value of the goods under General Agreement of Trade and Tariff (GATT) launched by WTO
• Define the Rules or Origin.
• Collection of import duty and taxes.

Those reflect the complexity of customs formality, not only in Thailand but all the countries our clients are dealing with.

Therefore, with many diverse and often confusing customs procedures locally, regionally and globally, our Customs Brokerage solution offer customers a smooth and most corrective path through the complexities of most updated e-customs procedure, clearance, H.S. tariff nomenclature, duty calculation and completion of the declarations for both inbound and outbound shipments.

Thailand, in particular, there are so many red tapes that can possibly make customs procedure some awful step to face in the international trading. We have the solution to all those problems. From variety of customs privileges to many restrictions of rules and regulations, our team of customs expert is right here to serve.

Take the load off your mind, let our team show you how.

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